Archangel Gabriel – Air Conditioner


Archangel Gabriel – Air Conditioner


The Archangel of hope, illumination and love
The energy of Gabriel can uplift your spirits and help you to feel more fully connected with the Universal mind and flow.


Gabriel helps you to pay attention to the messages that you are giving out to the world. The flowing energy of Gabriel helps to remove any areas of blocked energy in your life and fill you with creative ideas and opportunities to move forward.
Gabriel is also about helping you to remember your divine purpose. Using Gabriel energy in the home brings in the energy of love and welcome, and love in whatever you do -a touch of the Divine in the everyday.

Uses: When you want to feel uplifted and supported
How to Use
2-3 sprays per room is sufficient to change and invoke the new energies. It is not a matter of saturating the room with the smell however tempting but rather to feel and recognise the subtle every shifts. Very difficult energies may need repeat spraying over several hours to assist in a complete energy shift. Repeat every 2-3 hours as required or desired.

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