Green 100ml


Green 100ml


Green Emerald – Protector of our own Space, The Space Giver

Emerald is for bringing peace into our own space helping us to find our own way

It can free us from old ideas and open us up to new decisions. It can be very helpful for clearing jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions.

Green gives us the feeling of more space, and allow us to connect back into our heart of hearts. Green relates to the 4 th Chakra – the heart – open the heart to love and to feel more.  With expanded space we can feel ourselves breath again, giving us clearer thinking, and more peaceful emotions.


  • For when you need your own space for decision making

  • When entering new environments

  • To connect to the heart of things

  • Helpful when you need to disconnect from others, e.g. between clients, in an office full of people or when the house is overcrowded!

  • When selling a property, Green opens the space for new energy to come in, and allows you to disconnect from the old, so the new can come in for you also

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