Olive 100ml


Olive 100ml


Olive Green

O-Live, Open Heart and Truth


  • To gain insight into Truth and Direction

  • Olive relates to bringing the wisdom into the heart and to help us find our own way.

  • Improves our ability to remember, space.

  • Helpful in confrontational situations and difficulties with other people.

  • Excellent for practitioners to clear their space between clients. If helps when we feel trapped or unable to find a clear direction in any situation.


    Where and How to use

    • 2-3 sprays per room is sufficient to change and invoke the new energies.  It is not a matter of saturating the room with the smell however tempting but rather to feel and recognise the subtle every shifts.  Very difficult energies may need repeat spraying over several hours to assist in a complete energy shift.  Repeat every 2-3 hours as required or desired.

    • Use as often as required, the cleansing effect goes on for at least 2 hours.

     How to select an Air Conditioner (2 options)

    1.Have a Aura-Soma consultation with a Practitioner who will guide you through the process of choosing the best Pomander as indicated by the Equilibrium selection. Consult a Practitioner for more information.
    2.We recommend you choose your favorite Air Conditioner colour or choose your desired effect – Let your intuition draw you and/or read the colour information notes about each Pomander.


    Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/ painted surfaces.

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