Autumn is the perfect time to protect your face and body we will help you so you can gain strength to have energy for winter.

For your Skin

Autumn Phyt’s Facial 60mins I $140 with Kelly

In this facial we will use our Organic Enzyme pumpkin peel to renew nourish and restore a glowing skin.

Intraceutical’s Booster Oxygen Facial 45mins I $140 with Kelly

We have four different booster infusions:

  • Antioxidant + Booster to detox, revitalise and balance your skin.

  • Collagen+ Booster tightens and plumps up your skin.

  • Vitamin A+ Booster to regenerate, refine and clarify.

  • Vitamin C+3 Booster to restore, brighten your skin.


Aroma Bliss Massage 60mins I $110 with Nancy

In this treatment we use three Essential oils to bring balance to your whole body with our Manaaki Foot Ritual or you can have a back and foot massage.


The energy of autumn is to store. As we loose the warmth of Summer

Squash, dark leafy greens, apples, beets, soups and stews are all great places to start. Autumn is an ideal season to spend some time in the kitchen preparing your favorite nourishing foods. This is one of my favorite seasons for produce as the markets are overflowing with delicious fruits and veggies. Autumn is a great time to enjoy warmer meals prepared with love. Set aside a few hours each weekend to prepare some of your favorite foods for the week. This is a great way to take care of yourself, align with the inward energy of the season and bonus, you’ll have food to bring to work all week!

Learn how to maintain your health and wellbeing during Autumn with our free downloadable for healthy living tips.