Our Philosophy when it comes to treating your skin there are no two people the same. We create tailor-made blends for each facial providing individual prescriptions in clinic and at home.

Signature Facials

Power Up Your Skin with our Ultimate Age-Defying Facial

Firm I Radiant I Youthful

We bring out all our anti-ageing ammunition using our four favourites. We use the power of the Jade Derma Ray, the Jade Esthetics micro-current technology Combined with a choice of a diamond microdermabrasion treatment or ylang-ylang, or cinnamon enzyme peel, depending on what your skin needs. Followed by the RF eye mask to reduce dark circles sagging bags under the eyes, and then we up the ante by boosting cellular skin rejuvenation with a hyperbaric oxygen infusion or a Phyts organic mask This facial lives up to its name and indeed is the epitome of significantly radiant, luminous, firm and youthful-looking skin. Looking ten years younger naturally!

90 mins $220

Age-Defying Jade-lift Facial

Firm I Lift I Tone

As we journey through life, the ravages of time usually begin to reflect our age. This Age-defying Jade lift facial is a non-surgical facelift that delivers instant firmness and rejuvenation, with long-lasting results.

During this facial, we use the Jade Esthetic micro-current machine which combines light, colour, sound, and gemstones with Rife frequencies to regenerate the collagen and elastin beneath the skin, increases nutrient absorption into the skin cells and promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification. As a result, the skin is healed internally and externally, thereby clearing up a congested skin and reducing and preventing more lines from appearing, while profoundly oxygenating skin to firm and lifting saggy jowls and droopy eyelids.

60 mins $150 I 90 mins $185

Deep Cleanse Facial

Clear I Purified I Healed

During this specialised facial, we address the effects hormonal changes can have on our skin during puberty, pregnancy and the pre-and post-menopausal breakouts. There are three components to the treatment. To start with, we use the Jade Derma Ray a device to emulsify blackheads and milia (white heads under the skin)for easy removal. The Jade Derma Ray helps uses the Tesla high-frequency coil to refine pores, reduce impurities, blemishes and to improve the skin’s surface. Depending on the condition of your skin we will either use organic peel treatments or the diamond microdermabrasion. With a choice of an Intraceuticals infusion or a Phyts soothing mask.

We can also do this deep cleansing facial treatment for your back as an add-on to any facial or massage.

60 mins $130

Phyt’s Facials

Organic Bliss

Restore I Refresh I Renew

Phyt’s was the First 100% Bio-Certified skin care in the world, from the Basque region of France. For your Facial, each skin product is in an individual glass vial, prepared to treat your skin from the inside out. The French are the original Masters of Haute Couture, which also gets called Bespoke or Tailor-made as we will curate what your skin needs to give you the best results.

The 60-minute facial has two components to it: Digito Pressure reflexology for the face, designed to balance the internal organs, and lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins and helps restore skin’s natural glow.

Also, the 90-minute facial also incorporates a third technique: Deep Energique a face lifting facial massage technique from France, which gives skin an instant visible lift.

In true French style we recommend that once a year you give yourself a Six week program so we can keep your skin in optimum condition.

60 mins $135 I 90 mins $165

Intraceuticals® Facials


Hydration I Rejuvenation I Lifting

Intraceuticals® liquid facelifts are the latest buzzword when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Unlike other oxygen facials, which spray oxygen on the skin, this revolutionary non-invasive system uses therapeutic oxygen under pressure to slowly and consistently infuse a unique serum of hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural ‘youth serum’), essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino-peptides into the skin.

The oxygen pressure significantly boosts the absorption of nutrients, which helps strengthen and nurture the skin, increasing its elasticity, as well as stimulating the growth of new cells and helping it retain moisture. The result: significantly plump, firm surface, and a dramatic reduction in wrinkles and expression lines.

What’s more, the results are instant and accumulative, which means your smooth, youthful complexion will keep improving as the days progress. Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatments are safe and painless, which is why they are also used to treat many skin concerns, such as dry, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin. If anything they’ll leave you feeling calm and relaxed!

There are four oxygen infusions that we’ll use depending on your skin type and concerns:

  • Rejuvenate which hydrates, lifts and tightens your skin.

  • Opulence to balance, brighten uneven pigmentation.

  • Clarity improves blemish-prone skin or sensitive skin.

  • Atoxelene smooths fine lines around your eyes and lips and softens wrinkles.

Plus the booster infusions are either as a standalone or in addition to one of the above treatments:

  • Antioxidant + Booster to detox, revitalise and balance your skin.

  • Collagen+ Booster tightens and plumps up your skin.

  • Vitamin A+ Booster to regenerate, refine and clarify.

  • Vitamin C+3 Booster to restore, brighten your skin.

30 mins $85 I 60mins $145