Ultracoll Collagen 90 Tablets


Ultracoll Collagen 90 Tablets

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UltraColl Marine Collagen - 1000mg x 180 tablets

Ultracoll is THE collagen supplement, providing the body with large amounts of the collagen fibres that make up the structure of healthy young skin. These same fibres when naturally abundant help keep the skin firm, tight, and elastic. Unfortunately as we age, the collagen fibres are depleted. The loss of which is partially responsible for causing the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and crows feet and sagging tired skin.

It is thought that supplementing with collagen can help the body replenish some of these missing collagen fibres.

 Up to 250% more collagen than other collagen supplements

UltraColl collagen contains 1000mg of collagen per tablet. When trying to find a good quality collagen supplement, it most common to only find only contain 400mg of collagen making UltraColl 250% stronger. Compare it to competitor products which usually only contain just 400mg of collagen.

However, that is not the only advantage of UltraColl: 

Patent Pending Collagen Blend:

UltraColl Collagen supplement contains a patent pending blend of four different collagen fibres, each one is an essential building block in the structure of the skin.

No other collagen supplement contains these same 4 fibres, most only contain collagen types 1 and 2 which alone have not been shown to help build the elastins and fibres within the skin, they are largely found in the cartilage of the joints.

Only UltraColl contains all four of the same collagen types found in the deep layers of the skin that are responsible for keeping it looking young.

Marine Derived for purity:

UltraColl collagen fibres are sourced from a number of responsibly harvested marine sources and is free of any shark ingredients. It is derived from the scales of salt water fish. While this is a more expensive process, it also produces a much purer collagen, especially when compared with cheap bovine derived collagen that is often sourced from the by-products of animal slaughter houses.

 Formulated by leading skincare experts:

Formulated in 2006 to be the strongest anti-ageing collagen by BABTAC registered leading skincare experts. This is one of the most packed collagen supplements on the market still to date. This is due to patents pending and trademarks on the UltraColl collagen blend.

How to use:Take one (1) or two (2) tablets daily, preferably before going to bed. Do not exceed stated dose.

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