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Details about our business

Time Slots 

At Manaaki Wellbeing your appointment is a time slot, which is made up of consultation the treatment you have chosen plus payment, and any future bookings. We will inform you if there could be any extra cost to be added to your facial treatment giving you the choice if you would like to proceed.

Late arrivals
Please note when making a booking you will be allotted a specific time slot. We understand and appreciate that hold-ups can and do occur. However, please be aware that your treatment may be shortened if you arrive late if there is another appointment directly after yours.

Out of consideration to us and other clients who are waiting in line for a booking, we ask that you give us 48 hours notice via email or text. Failure to do so could incur a charge.

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We accept the following payment options:

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  • PayPal (carmel@manaaki.co)

  • After Pay (for ease) COMING SOON