Ready To Join Us And Get 25% Off Your Essential Oils?

STEP 1: Click on this link to visit our doTerra shop (

STEP 2: Click “Join and Save” up the top and then select your language and country. Generally if in NZ or AU choose “Australia” (unless there’s a specific product or kit you wish to buy that’s only in the USA).

STEP 3: Select the “Wellness Advocate” option (NOT the Preferred Member option). This is your wholesale membership which gives you a full 12 months of wholesale prices and a ton of support but will not obligate you to sell or buy.

STEP 4: Complete your location, shipping and contact details and create a password that you’ll remember.

STEP 5: Select your kit to waive the joining fee or choose to mix and match products & if you do that be sure to add a $ “I40ntroductory Enrolment Packet” to your order. In both cases remember to add a bottle of “fractionated coconut oil” to your order so you can dilute your oils and use safely.

STEP 6: Enter in your payment information then click “Process Order Now and Continue”. Yay you’re all signed up and are part of the Manaaki Wellbeing oil Club

STEP 7: Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. There’s no requirement to do this but it’s a fantastic way to build your oils collection and you’re able to cancel at any time so there’s no risk. (See more info here on how to set up your LRP.) NB: To take advantage of the FREE Offer’s each month, you do need to set up an LRP and use it for at least one month

Oh… and don’t worry if you don’t find the enrollment “easy”. I have to admit I couldn’t get my head around it when I was going doing my first order so I got the person who introduced me to walk me through it over the phone via FaceTime. So, if you’re like me then feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll help you sort it out! –

What Happens After Sign Up?

After signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email from dōTERRA with your wholesale membership number and you’ll then be able to log in and manage your orders.

You’ll also receive a welcome email from me which will be followed up with a series of emails with helpful info including where to get the bits and pieces that help out with using the oils, like roller ball bottles, glass bottles for cleaning products and carrier oils for skincare and the like.

You can also email me to book a free follow up call so I can show you how to use to your account and get more info or order more oils.

But What About The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) You Mentioned?

Yes! If you want to buy oils gradually over time or earn points, you’ll definitely want to look at joining the Loyalty Rewards Program. It allows you to earn free product points and free shipping points with every purchase. These points increase every 3 months from 10% to 30% at 12 months. You can join with your first order or anytime after and you can opt out at any time. If you’ve got any questions, please let me know and I can help you get it set up.

A idea you could do (which is what I recommended for my girlfriend did) is buy one of the pure oil kits to start your collection (like the Family Essentials Kit $195) and then the next month buy the Emotional (Aromatherapy Touch Kit NZ$315) which contains six blends with fractionated coconut oil in 10ml roller bottles to support your emotional needs. These are ready to use straight from the box and what I carry with me everywhere now! If you want to take advantage of the special offer for a free Lifelong Vitality then you need to do at least one LRP order of at least 100pv such as the kit mentioned here Still Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed? Drop Me A Line!

If you’re keen  to set up an account but are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices (and there are a lot!) then let’s book in for a free 30 minute Skype consult and let me help get your journey started. Drop me a line at if joining Carmel’s oil club, I look forward to catching up with you then or in our private FB group Essential Oils Wellness Tribe.