LRP Loyality Royal Progam

The loyalty rewards program (or LRP as it’s called for short) works a bit like airline points. Except much better! And if you do it right then it can save you significant amounts of money on what you’d usually be spending (by cutting down your bills in other areas like home cleaning products or your make-up and skincare). Best of all you’re reducing costs overall whilst improving your health and wellbeing.

How Does The DōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

Once you get the hang of it the program is easy to understand. To get you started dōTERRA has produced this 2 minute video that goes over the basics of how the rewards program works:

An Example Of The DoTERRA LRP In Practice:

All doTERRA oils have a ‘product value’ (pv for short).  If your first LRP order is over 50pv then in months 1-3 of your membership you’ll receive 10% of that product value (pv) into your account, in points.

Here’s an example: Say you purchase a bottle of one of my personal favourites – Elevation Blend which has a pv of 45. This means in months 1-3 of your membership you’ll receive 10% of that 45pv to collect in your account (4.5pv). If you continue to purchase at least 50pv a month the volume of points back will increase – until after 12 months you’re at 30% points back. If you were then to purchase another bottle of Elevation in your 13th month you’d get back = 30% of that 45 pv. So you get 13.5pv back on the single bottle of Elevation.

Then to redeem your points: A bottle of one of my other favourite blends, Cheer Uplifting Blend, is valued at $57.67 retail or $43.25 wholesale but it’s just 28pv. So save up 28pv in your account and you’ll be able to spend that on a $43 bottle of Cheer. How cool is that??!!

Creating Your First LRP Order:

It’s easy after you’ve seen how. Just watch this video!


I’m unable to purchase 50pv worth. Will I lose all my points and my points level? 

No. You can make a 1pv order to ‘hold’ your percentage points back level. So if you’re at month 6 and on 15% points back, then if you process a 1pv order for the next couple of months, you’ll still maintain that level of 15% points back. Then if you revert to over 50pv, you continue to advance to getting 30% points back.

Am I obligated to continue to do an LRP order every month? 

No. You can cancel your LRP at any time. Just call Head Office and they’ll cancel it for you immediately. Don’t forget to use up any points you’ve earned though if you do wish to cancel otherwise you’ll lose them!

Phone: (+61) 2 8015 5080 (Australia) or (+64) 9 801 5137 (New Zealand).

Is this system worthwhile when I’m just doing it for personal use?

Yes absolutely! Take a look at the product catalogue – you’ll see there are so many different oils available. But beyond that there are also a lot of really useful household products you can get as well. From oils to use for perfumes and to support your emotional and physical wellbeing to oils for cleaning and cooking you’ll be amazed at the different ways you can reduce or entirely remove toxic and harmful items from your home and life.

I’ve heard there is a free product of the month – how do I get this?

If you spend over 125pv and your LRP Ships between the 2nd and 15th of the month, you’ll receive a FREE product called the ‘Product Of The Month’ and this will be shipped automatically with your order.

I love doTERRA oils! How do I start sharing them and/or create a business with them?

Well essentially the only investment you need to get started doing this is to make a minimum 100pv order monthly. If this is something you’re interested in speak with the person who enrolled you to find out more.

Are there any traps in this – it sounds to good to be true?

There are no traps but there is something you need to watch out for! Your LRP if set up will ship each month on your chosen date. You need to update your doTERRA cart each month after your last order ships to make sure you receive different products and oils each month. Otherwise you’ll get the same order twice!! You will receive a reminder email prior to the shipping date but still this is the one thing you need to watch out not to forget.