My dōTERRA Essential oils Story

I never imagined I would be involved with dōTERRA, as I have never been a fan of MLM (Multi-level-marketing) or DMs (Direct-marketing) When the New Zealand founder came to show me the essential oils, I was shocked at there purity. All it took was for me to smell the Lavender and the Lemon oil to know that I was holding in my hand’s real medical grade essential oils.

You have no idea how happy I was because I have not worked in my trade for so long only because I could not be in complete integrity for myself or clients with what is available in New Zealand.

During my years of study, I entirely came to understand the healing power of essential oils and how they can assist with not just healing your skin, and the many body issues that can cause us grief.  What a lot of people don’t know many of the essential oils can also relieve emotional and mental pain.

What I use to love was finding your constitutional essential oil which becomes your foundational oil for your ultimate healing. I took a lot of pleasure in creating individual essential oil prescriptions for my clients to help them find balance. Creating Haute Couture Skincare preparations and various healing balms.

What I like about dōTERRA is you can join our Essential oil club where you can become a wholesale customer you will receive 25% off the retail price You are not locked into having to purchase a monthly order,  you can get access to monthly giveaways.  It costs $40 to join or if you buy a pack, then the fee is waived.

You can become a Wellness Advocate if you would like to create your own dōterra oil business where you can help many people so they can be well in their lives.

Your Welcome to join our essential oil club