Meet Our Holistic Healing Practitioners


Kelly Nash

Nga Phui

Kelly is an expert at making you feel good, focusing on your skin, body and Spirit. The Manaaki Wellbeing philosophy is ”we treat each person individually”. Our therapists are highly skilled, while everything we offer has a healing component.

Kelly is a Holistic Facialist, Massage Therapist, Atua Healer. She has studied Reiki, including Contact C.A.R.E flinch lock therapist, where she specialises in helping you with injuries; stroke, brain and breathing issues. Kelly is also an internationally recognised dancer, a choreographer who also currently teaches Modern dance at Unitec.

When Kelly gives you a facial, massage not only will she treat your skin issues, you will get to experience her healing hands, which is such a bonus as we are often caring so much tension in our face and body.

If there is one piece of advice that Kelly would give to clients is, ”there is no reason why you should put up with pain in your body, if you have pain then it’s time for a treatment”.

When Kelly is not working you will find her enjoying family life with her partner, her twin girls and their pet dogs. They all enjoy beach life and eating healthy food, and as a family, they are all gifted creatively and have a passion for the Arts.


Nancy Wijohn

Te Rarawa, Ngai Tūhoe, Ngati Whaoa, Ngati Tahu

Nancy brings a deep intuitive insight into how we can hold onto the pain of our past, and she provides treatments that assist our clients to move forward in their lives.

Nancy is an Atua Practitioner, Contact C.A.R.E Flinchlock therapist; Contemporary dance Major, Dance Teacher, and Certified personal trainer, fitness and wellbeing coach. She specialises in movement rehabilitation, coordination and helping people find a more holistic approach or understanding of enhancing their everyday activities.

Nancy’s background in competitive sport has also helped her understand the body at its peak performance and what it takes to be at your ‘best’, not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

She is also an internationally recognised contemporary dancer and spends much of her time when not helping others performing, choreographing or teaching.

If there is one piece of advice Nancy will give her clients is I believe in living our ‘best life’. Often, life can get the better of us, and we can spend most of the time managing rather than ‘living’. If you want the best out of ‘you’ then come and see me. We all deserve to be living at our best and pain-free!

When Nancy is not at work she is a domestic goddess; if not pottering around in the gardening or rearranging the home she is enjoying being with her partner and children or heading to the beach with her dogs.


Carmel Cochrane

Nga Phui, Te Uri O Hau, Ngati Whatua

Carmel started her beauty career in NZ she then went onto the UK, she gained knowledge in Paris methods for facials, make-up artistry, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and reflexology. Carmel also pursued studies in Natural Therapies, Ayurveda, Vedic, Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle.

Carmel takes great pride in providing her clients with tailor-made treatments based on their individual needs, for your face, body, soul, and spirit, but if there is one general piece of advice she’d like to give when it comes to achieving and maintaining a glowing complexion, it’s this: “Always use skin care that’s free from harmful parabens or that’s aromatherapy based; and never go to bed without removing your make up first.”

Carmel’s knack for making people feel wonderful in their own skin doesn’t stop with topical care: She is also a spiritual healer who has developed a self-care therapy called Atua Healing®, which helps release deep-seated trauma at a cellular level without a person having to relive that trauma. In addition, she uses her innate abilities as an intuitive visionary or Matakite to give clarity and direction to clients on their life path. (To find out more about Atua Healing®, check out and for more details on her readings, go to


Adele Richards

Behind every good therapist, and in our business there’s a strong ‘traffic controller’ and in this case it’s Adele Richards. As Carmel’s assistant, she’s the one who keeps the motor running behind the scenes, by answering client queries and booking appointments via phone or email plus she is our admin wizard who makes sure our lives are easier..

Adele is your concierge to provide you with the ease to manage any of your concerns.

At the same time, the former PA for a high-end linen company also does the accounts and administration for her own (very busy) commercial cleaning business. Adele works remotely from home and whenever they can, she and her husband head to their beloved beach bach in Waiwera for some R&R, enjoying the water, beautiful bush walks and fun times with friends. And when time allows, she’ll fit in some asanas and Pilates exercises as well,