Nourish Balancing Cream


Nourish Balancing Cream


Crème Phytonagre 40g

Ideal For: Dry, hormonal/menopausal skin

This moisturiser nourishes the skin to keep it firm, soft and supple. Borage and Palm oils (from sustainable forests) contain essential fatty acids that help prevent premature skin ageing. Vanilla extracts and Vit E provide antioxidant to strengthen the skin’s defence from the sun. Suitable for skin showing sign of pigmentation. Essential oil of Sage helps menauposal skin because of its oestrogen-like properties

DIRECTIONS: Every morning massage cream over face and neck areas (including eye contour and lips).


  • Evening Primrose oil : provides elasticity to skin, fights dry skin and reinforces barrier function, preventing dehydration

  • Borage oil : Helps prevents skin aging and improves softness

  • Soya oil : Nourishes

  • Sage essential oil : Firming

  • Sunflower oil : Nourishes, maintains hydration

  • Vanilla macerate : Anti radical

  • Vitamin E : Antioxidant

  • Lavender essential oil : Soothes

  • Ho wood essential oil : Soothes and protects

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