Nourishing Repair Cream


Nourishing Repair Cream


Soin Visage Nutrition Extrême 40g

Ideal for: Very Dry, Sensitive Skin

Exceptionally rich cream to calm and nourish very dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Nourishes deeply for long lasting hydration. Does not leave a greasy film on skin. Argan and Hemp oils provide Omega 3 and Omega 6 to soothe, moisturise and relieve the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Morning and evening, massage onto the entire face and neck including around the eyes and over the lips, paying particular attention to the very dry areas. Can also be applied onto very dry lips when required.


  • Argan oil : with repairing properties due to outstanding content in omega 6 essential fatty acids, in vitamin E and sterols. Nourishes dry skin.

  • Hemp oil : rich in omega 6&3 essential fatty acids for fast absorption.

  • Beeswax : nourishing.

  • Shea butter : rich in provitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids for nutrition and preservation.

  • Ho wood and Lavender essential oils : with soothing, protective and revitalising properties.

  • Natural Vitamin E : antioxidant.

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