Nourishing Repairing Serum for very dry skin


Nourishing Repairing Serum for very dry skin


Sérum Nutrition Extrême 30ml

Ideal for: Very Dry, Sensitive Skin

Nourishing serum which helps repair very dry, irritated and reactive skin; it stops the sensation of tautness and discomfort. Moisturising and healing Hemp seed is high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

DIRECTIONS: Use in the evening. Apply a small quantity to the face and neck. If the skin is terribly dry, follow with an application of Nourishing Repair Cream.


  • Argan oil : with repairing properties due to outstanding content in omega 6 essential fatty acids, in vitamin E and sterols. Nourishes dry skin.

  • Hemp oil : rich in omega 6&3 essential fatty acids for fast absorption.

  • Beeswax : nourishing.

  • Shea butter : rich in provitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids for nutrition and preservation.

  • Ho wood and Lavender essential oils : with soothing, protective and revitalising properties.

  • Natural Vitamin E : antioxidant.

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