Sensi Soothing & Hydrating Mask


Sensi Soothing & Hydrating Mask


Sensi Masque Apaisant 40g

Ideal For: Sensitive skin

Hypoallergenic formula. Fragrance-free. SOS response to decongest and soothe sensitive skin. Restores moisture and soften skin.

Directions: Use once or twice a week. Apply a thick layer to face, neck and eye contour. Leave on for 10 minutes then gently remove with cotton pads. Can also be used at night as a night cream, applied in a thin layer.

Active Ingredients

  • Magnolia extract : soothes and reduces itching and tingling sensations.

  • Mirabilis extract : soothes, reduces redness due to irritation and weather conditions.

  • Cotton flower extract : wellbeing and softness

  • Sweet Almond* oil : very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, in vitamins A, B and E. softening and nourishing.

  • Shea Butter : nourishes, softens and protects.

  • Aloe Vera extract : highly hydrating.

  • Plant squalene : main component of sebum and skin hydrolipidic film. Helps prevent dehydration and restores skin softness and flexibility.

  • Vitamin E of natural origin : antioxidant.

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