Atua Healing®


As humans, we react physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to life events, whether it’s a traumatic childhood, stressful work situation or abusive relationships. Over a period, this may cause blockages in a person’s energy flow and lead to unhealthy repetitive patterns that might prevent us from living life to the full. These patterns could include lack of self-esteem, courage, self-belief, not taking enough ‘me time’, an unhealthy relationship with torturing yourself causing mental agitation as well as anxiety, depression.

The goal of Atua Healing® is to create a path for our energy to flow again, allowing us to reach our real potential in every area of our life. What sets Atua Healing® apart from many other healing modalities is that it is painless on a physical, mental and emotional level, as it does not require a person having to re-live their trauma, but instead shifts your energy in a gentle yet powerful manner. Hence it is suitable for absolutely everyone: adult women and men, children, teenagers, the elderly and pregnant women.

What are the benefits of Atua Healing?

  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

  • Helps change unhealthy behaviours

  • Relieves tension and fatigue

  • Supports a free range of movement in the body

  • Promotes emotional stability and resilience

  • Help’s manage mental stress, anxiety and trauma

  • Boosts confidence and courage

  • Shifts procrastination

  • Helps release painful memories, without reliving them

We recommend that you always start with an Initial Consultation first.

Atua Healing ® In person This is available to you in our clinic. We also have special rates for Students and Community Card Holders with I.D for treatment in the clinic, or by Atua Distant Healing or Atua Remote healing. We also have Packages that you can buy for your ongoing support for what is the best method for you, Atua Healing in person, Atua Distant Healing or Atua Remote Healing.

Initial 60 mins $185 I Ongoing 60 mins $170 I 30 mins $85

*If you are currently not working please feel free to ask us for a reduced rate

Atua Healing® Distant is available by Skype or Zoom by phone (NZ and Aussie only). This is a perfect option if you can’t come into the clinic. It’s also a very powerful way to receive Atua Healing. We have treated clients who have never meet us in a person who has overcome deep issues restoring them to balance and strength.

Atua Healing® Remotely is the perfect gift to give someone you care about, who needs healing this method is also perfect for treating children, tweens, teenagers anyone who is sick or unable to come into our clinic. Your Initial consultation we will discuss your concerns and what it is you want help with. We ask you to supply a photo, that we will work with to give the recipient their Atua healing. If we are dealing with imminent issues that require immediate attention we might suggest a daily plan for seven or twelve days in a row if we have to work outside of our normal business hours to accommodate you we will have to charge an after-hours fee